lunedì 9 febbraio 2009

IF: time (a day and one hundred years)

Un giorno solo e cent'anni.
Vivo e ti vedo volare da sempre, 
tu assieme ai tuoi colori.
Vivo e sento meraviglia da sempre, 
tu assieme ai tuoi silenzi.

One day and one hundred years.
I live and I always see your flight,
you with your colour.
I live and I always feel your wonder,
you with your silence.
The wood and the butterfly.

6 commenti:

  1. Your blog is a veritable riot of fantastic colors.
    Very original work – I thoroughly enjoyed my visit.


  2. Absolutely gorgeous, I would love a hanging of this on my wall, the colours and composition are so beautiful!

  3. love your colors and textures on the wood!

  4. The poetry and illustration are both beautiful.

  5. lovely banner! feels all springish! sigh... I miss spring! :)
    Happy Valentines Day!