venerdì 3 aprile 2009


Thank YOU, Artemiswilde!

I like her works so much!
She gave me this little price. I'm honoured.
So here it is! Seven things I love:
1. The warm and scented air of the spring
2. Coffee and cornetti(s) in the morning
3. My dogs
4. The peace when I'm drawing
5. The "music" of the stream near my house
6. The U2 :)
7. Walking on the beach.

And now, seven blogs I like: 
6. ojni

Ricordate i disegni nei vecchi libri di scuola? Forse non proprio i nostri ma quelli dei nostri genitori. C'erano sempre queste immagini delicate e carine. Prendete quindi "spring" per quello che è: un ricordo.

7 commenti:

  1. This is great! It makes me happy just to look at it.

  2. Viva la primavera!:))
    Io spero che tu sto bene! Siii! You live in Nord-Italy...

    Grazie mille carina!

  3. Just saw the news on internet. Thought of you immediatly. Are you okay? I see Ojni wrote you live in Nord-Italy?! and the earth-shocks were in the middle of Italy.

  4. I'm ok! I live in the north of Italy and the tragedy of the earthquake happened in the Middle on the Appennini. This time we did not hear it. It will not a happy period.

  5. congrats on the award! beautiful illustrations!
    i'm glad you didn't get affected by the quake...

  6. Wonderful colors as always! Really like the ravens piece.

  7. Thank you for thinking in me, you are so kind!!